Special Education

Ms. Jennifer Bokis - Leicester Middle School Special Education Teacher
Ms. Allison Roche - Leicester Middle School Team Chair
Ms. Heather Messier - Leicester Middle School Special Education Teacher

Mr. Andrew Lemerise - Leicester Middle School Special Education

Our special education programs are in place to serve individuals who have disabilities that might interfere with the educational process. The special education team at LMS works tirelessly to ensure that ALL of our students have a free and equal opportunity to learn.

The special education department consists of a team chair and four special education teachers. The team chair administers the legally binding documents that protect the rights of students with disabilities. These documents include Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans. She, along with the special education team and IEP Team, makes sure that students who have been identified as qualifying for one of these plans receive the support they need, helps identify students in need of services, coordinates testing and communication between the school and parents, and assesses whether or not the school is meeting the needs of these students.

The special education teachers make sure that the students in their care have the same access to the curriculum as every student in the school. This means that they work alongside the general education teachers in the classroom to modify assignments and assessments, allowing students to work at their own ability level and pace. When necessary, they provide academic support in a separate setting. Additionally, they offer social and emotional support, acting as advocates when needed, and work collaboratively with the behavior specialist and school counselors.

In addition to working directly with students, these teachers work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to recommend students with disabilities for special education services, write IEPs, and ensure that mandated accommodations are implemented. The special education teachers work as liaisons between students, parents, and general education teachers to ensure that their students’ needs are being met.

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